Pete & Gerry's

Pete & Gerry's

From the very beginning, Pete & Gerry’s has been on a mission to produce healthy,

delicious eggs and partner with small family farms for meaningful impact. We stay true

to our roots every step of the way by keeping hen welfare, connected communities, and

planet-friendly farming practices at the heart of all we do, so you can always believe in

what you buy.

But we don’t just squawk the squawk: crack into a dozen of our pasture-raised eggs and

you’ll find a treasure trove of rich golden yolks, substantial egg whites, and sturdy

shells; all a reflection of the leisurely lives our pasture-raised flocks enjoy, foraging,

exploring, and socializing on expansive green pastures with 108 square feet of outdoor

space per hen. As the first egg producers in the US to become Certified Humane® and

B Corp Certified, we’re proud to have paved the way for better—and with one percent of

all proceeds donated to 1% for the Planet, we’re still doing it best

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